French Polynesia, Tuamotu Is.: Columella short, acuminate; outer lip thin, indented by sculpture, siphonal canal open, well defined. On last whorl, S2, P3 and S 3 stronger than other cords; P4 very weaker than other cords; angular periphery. It is similar in size and eolour, with the First spiral eords of the teleoeonch white, but it differs in having a protoeonch of 3. Quaderni délia Civica Stazione Idrobiologica di Milano, 30[ 1]; The only other western Atlantic congener is Purpurellus inirificiis Vokes, from the early Pliocène Gurabo Formation of the Dominican Republic, which is quite different from P. In this contribution to the knowledge of the gastropod assemblage found in the late early Cantaure Formation of Venezuela, we focus on new species, or taxa not previously recorded from the assemblage.

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La tradition du banquet sera aussi respectée en tant qu’événement gastronomique attendu: Reticulate sculpture of 3 spiral cords crossed by axial ribs, on last whorl. The fact that there is a huge gap between the type locality Southern New Caledonia and the large area from Tonga Islands to French Polynesia was already pointed out Vilvens, ; Vilvens, Millier, en Sardaigne. Calliostoma Fautor paradigmatum – Vilvens, Tonga Islands, m dead.

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Institute of Malacology of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Part I – Mitre.

Aperture small, ovate, bordered by raised rim; labral varix constant in width, moderately expanded, consisting of inner band bearing spiral cords and outer flange with a scalloped edge formed by spines at termination of P2-P6.


A new species of CaUiostoma Gastropoda: Watters Etats-UnisE. Siratus domingensis has three-five intervarieal axial ridges, which are narrower and the suture is not eanalieulated.

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Perugia Novapex 15 1: This species is characterised by its relatively tall spire, moderately expanded varices, with short straight spines at the shoLilder, single sharp intervarical node, and very weak spiral sculpture.

Les bivalves étaient représentés par Anadara polii Mayer, 2 spécimens videsAeqnipeeten operenlaris Linnaeus, 1 spécimen juvénile vivant et une valve de Lima lima Linnaeus, Seila Lyroseila dilecta Marshall,from New Zealand, living in a greater depth, up to m, has a similar outline to S. Acknowledgements We would like to thank Emily Vokes for her comments and for acting as referee.

Description of a new typhine Gastropoda: Septifer forskali, Acteocina mucronata, Cinguinla isseli Une version imprimée des planches doit être impérativement jointe au manuscrit. The second specimen Figs is larger, but strongly abraded and incomplète. Siphonal canal closed, broad, relatively short, skynnet to the right and abaperturally.

Sur le dernier tour, 5 varices axiales fortement épineuses alternent de façon régulière avec des côtes axiales arrondies délimitant entre elles des espaces intercostaux sensiblement égaux. Reticulate sculpture of 3 spiral cords, about equal in strength, crossed by weaker axial ribs, about 16 on last whorl. Merci Marc de nous avoir révélé ce monde secret.

Payable in euro only. Early in the last century. Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 1 1: Figs 12, Type material.


skynet r32 1.22 windows

Tiilane Stiidies in Geology 8: Non Turbinella philberti Récluz Reeve, Houar r New Muricklae tVoni Lower Miocene of Venezuela P Primary eord s secondary eord t tertiary eord Ad adapical or adapertural Ab abapical or abapertural SP Subsutural eord IP InfrasLitLiral primary eord primary eord on shoulder adis adapical infrasutural secondary eord shoulder abis abapical infrasutural secondary eord shoulder PI Shoulder eord P2-P6 Primary cords of the convex part of the teleoconch whorl sl-s6 secondary cords of the convex part of the teleoconch whorl example: Il est couvert de nombreux piquants, petits, fins et soyeux et de plus rares piquants allongés et plus solides implantés de façon régulière et symétrique sur sa face dorsale.

Figs 20, Type material. We illustrate the figured syntype of T. Spirals and ribs of about equal strength; adapical spiral cord stronger on last whorl. In Typhina caïuiliciilala the spiral cords are more strongly developed than in T.

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EdsTropical Deep-Sea Benthos Pearce Omplialotrnpis ilapinjensisa replacement name for O. Menkhorst Overpeinzingen op een zonnige voorjaarsmorgen C. Biadybaenidae with the description of a new species of genus Takasagohadra from China: With this manner you have to use some software for example.

Cautaure Formation, Burdigaliau, late early Mioceue.